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Children’s Dental Extractions in Garden City, NY

When a child needs a tooth extracted for any reason, a gentle approach is required. Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City provides extractions for children as part of our comprehensive dental services.

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Why Would a Tooth Need to be Removed?

Your child may need a tooth extracted in the following circumstances:

Interceptive Orthodontics – If the palate or jaw is not growing at the same pace as new primary (baby) teeth emerge, they may become crowded and impede the development of permanent teeth. Extracting one or more primary teeth that are not growing in at the proper angle can aid in correcting dental misalignment down the road.

Large Cavity – If the primary tooth has experienced extensive decay and the permanent one is close to emerging, our pediatric dentists may choose an extraction over other treatments. For permanent teeth, other treatments would be considered and recommended rather than extraction.

Infected Primary Tooth – Much like in the case of a large cavity, if an infection is affecting a primary tooth, sometimes the simplest solution is an extraction, and again treatment for a permanent tooth would be addressed in a manner aimed at saving it.

Wisdom Teeth – When our teenage patients experience pain with the emergence of wisdom teeth, we can usually handle these cases in the office. In the case of complicated impactions, we work closely with a trusted oral surgeon.

Over-Retained Primary Teeth – If our dentists determine that your child’s permanent teeth are being obstructed by any stubborn baby teeth, we can remove them easily to make way for your child’s new, more grown-up smile.

Injuries – A tooth that has become partially dislodged due to trauma requires extraction before any replantation attempt is made.

Our cutting-edge imaging technology improves your child’s comfort and aids in developing their dental treatment, leading to a precise and simple extraction.

We are also able to illustrate the exact issue for you and your child. Our tell-show-do approach and gentle methodology help to calm your child. For our patients who need it to be at ease during procedures, we offer nitrous oxide.

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If you are in need of specialized pediatric dental care, including extractions for children in Garden City or Glen Cove, call Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City today. We treat our young patients as if they were our own and care strongly about both your child’s dental health and their overall well-being.

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