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Pediatric Dental Crowns in Garden City, NY

Children’s primary teeth are important in the development of their permanent smile. If they have become damaged by decay or injury, there are options to restore your child’s dental health. Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City offers dental crowns for children in our city, Glen Cove, Mineola, and nearby communities throughout central Nassau County.

Drs. Stacey Reynolds, Cece Kolstad, and Divya Khera take an approach to caring for young patients that begins with prevention and early detection of dental issues, followed by providing a variety of functional and attractive restorations as needed.

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How Crowns Improve Children’s Dental Health

There are a number of reasons that lead to your child developing cavities, ranging from inherited factors, going to bed with their bottle, having a diet full of sugary foods and drinks, and inadequate brushing and flossing routines, to name a few.

When decay occurs in baby teeth, some parents may hesitate to bring their child to the dentist, due to the belief that these will be lost naturally anyway. However, returning structure to a young smile is critical in maintaining function and ensuring proper dental growth until adult teeth are ready to erupt. Our Garden City pediatric practice provides cavity treatment and crowns for primary teeth to protect children from future oral health and orthodontic issues.

Common situations where we recommend crowns for our young patients include:

  • Cavities too large to be restored with composite fillings.
  • Following root canal therapy for primary teeth (pulpotomies).
  • Preventing the spread of decay.

Our Options for Restoring Primary Teeth

Our dentists evaluate for early cavities and signs of decay at routine visits as part of our dedication to prevention as the first line of treatment. When necessary and appropriate, we recommend x-rays be taken to make an accurate diagnosis and offer the option of completely digital imaging to reduce exposure. After an examination, we determine whether or not a crown is needed.

At Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City, we offer the following choices for children’s dental restorations:

Stainless Steel Crowns – Long established as the standard of care following restorative treatment on primary teeth, these crowns have the resiliency to return structure for teeth affected by large cavities and preserve a young patient’s ability to eat and speak properly.

White Crowns – For certain cases, our dentists can use restorations made of zirconia to rebuild a child’s smile after treating sites of decay. As their name suggests, these crowns are crafted to have a natural aesthetic while withstanding normal wear.

Dedicated to Protecting Young Smiles – Call Us Today!

The way a child’s smile develops influences their future dental needs, which makes protecting their primary teeth essential.

If your child is experiencing discomfort due to cavities, bring them in to see our dentists and discuss which restorative options are best suited to resolve their issues. For more information on pediatric crowns in Garden City, Glen Cove, and the surrounding area, contact Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City today and schedule a consultation.


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