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Sedation Dentistry for Children

Sedation Dentistry for Children in Garden City, NY

Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City provides sedation options for our young patients who need it. We practice gentle dentistry and many of the kids we treat are calm and relaxed during their treatment without any need for sedation. Our compassionate team of dentists is dedicated to meeting the needs of all their patients and offer choices for anesthesia.

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Our Sedation Options

Single Tooth Anesthesia –  Uneasiness regarding needles in the application of Novocaine is common and understandable. Our single-tooth anesthesia technique typically eliminates any discomfort associated with this process through a slow and even delivery system. This is achieved through a computer-controlled injection using The Wand®.

General Anesthesia – For children who cannot tolerate even simple procedures, such as having their teeth counted, we offer general anesthesia coordinated with the assistance of a certified anesthesiologist.

When general anesthesia is necessary, our dentists work together with this trusted professional who administers the medicine and monitors your child throughout the process. During this visit, we perform the exam, take x-rays, and proceed with treatment. We correct as many dental issues as possible and leave your child’s mouth in a much healthier condition.

Continued Relaxation for Our Young Patients

Nitrous oxide relaxes patients significantly and can be sufficient for those children who have mild to moderate anxiety when visiting the dentist.

For kids who can tolerate their dental procedure with the help of nitrous oxide, parents can rest assured that our team is experienced in its application and that the effects of this method of relaxation do not last past the end of the dental visit and your child will be back to themselves in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of Sedation

Children with dental anxieties often have difficulty tolerating examinations or corrective dental procedures and may have their dental care prolonged. Due to this, their existing problems may only get worse and they can develop additional complications. Dental sedation is meant to provide a safe and predictable way to treat patients that would otherwise be unable to receive care.

Your Source for Children's Dental Sedation in Garden City

When you come to our office, we know you want your child to have the dental care they need and deserve. We are prepared to meet your child’s needs and provide sedation to assure they receive quality dental care. If your child has difficulty tolerating dental procedures, call Pediatric Dentistry of Garden City to find out more about our children’s sedation choices.

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